Pittie Party

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Pittie Party, right in my own backyard in Boulder, Colorado.  Attendees included Bruno, Gabby and Cap – three beautiful pitties, along with their foster mom and the Director and Asst. Director of Grittie Pittie Rescue of Longmont, Colorado. Grittie Pittie Rescue saves dogs from death row at a high kill shelter in Roswell, NM.  Rachel, the Director, places these wonderful dogs in foster homes until they are adopted by a loving family.  GPR has saved many dogs from a senseless death and given them a second chance at enjoying a long and joyful life.  I have done many of the pet portraits for the dogs that GPR has brought to Colorado and it is always a humbling experience.  Bruno, Gabby and Cap were no exception and their silly smiles and wagging tails just melt my heart.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they find their forever homes soon!


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